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The world is a peculiar place and it is this strangeness I am attracted to and choose to document. I am inspired by the way people manipulate their surroundings, I see this in the display case of a butcher shop, the sparse geometry of a construction site or a scrap of astroturf left behind in a warehouse. These are things that often originate without a second thought. In capturing them they receive the benefit of increased inspection and the beauty or strangeness is amplified. This is where I find my inspiration.

I work mostly with a digital camera and since moving into the digital realm, I have been working more in color than ever before. There are still occasions when an image just needs to be black and white, but lately I'm seeing the off-color world in full color. It would be very easy to manipulate images as they are digital files, but I choose to treat them the way I have always treated negatives; I make minor adjustments the way I would if I was printing in a darkroom, and I rarely crop images because i am conscious of framing when I take the pictures.