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New Art Print Sale
April 3, 2015
I recently offered some new images for sale to a select group of friends and collectors and I am so grateful and honored by the fantastic response. To so many of you, thank you! It was a great success so I am extending and expanding my offer to all.

These photographs are archival pigment prints on water color paper. All prices include shipping.

Now available in 3 sizes.

11x14 for $175
limited editions of 20 prints

17x22 for $300
limited editions of 20 prints

22x32 for $425
limited editions of 10 prints

Your purchase contributes to my ongoing journey of inspiration, art, joy and connection and you get a beautiful print to hang on your wall. Each image has a story and I am very happy to share them with you. These images below are all from my travels as I move around the country. I have been on the road to one degree or another since January of 2013. This adventure has been extraordinary and it has been a great tool to connect with old and new friends. I have learned from every one of my hosts. I have brought each one with me as I have moved on and I think of each of them often. I am really tuning in to my intuition and using it as a trusty guide, seeing evidence of right turns as I move through the world. I would love to include more of you in my journey. You can see more on my blog at Long Road Beautiful.

The images below are a small sample of what I have been creating and anything you find on my blog I would be happy to print for you.

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